What Makes Us Different?

Proactive Environmental Care

Our company will operate as "Best in Class" in environmental stewardship (aiming for zero-waste; green facility; neighbor clean-up; beachfront protection; model energy efficiency in building structure;etc); fair trade - going beyond fair trade to wealth creation and life-skill training - proactively improving the community in 12 areas; and organic, kosher, and halal farming and production practices.

Philippines Profit

Our US company is "twinned" to a Filipino counterpart with intentions for the benefit of both.

Indigenous Leadership

The Filipino company has Filipino leadership with US participation and is designed to steer a portion of profits to fund two or more non-profits, each of which are represented on the Board of the Filipino corporation.

Reproducible Management

Selected skilled personnel are placed as staff in the CTP (Community Transformation Plant) after going through training on community transformation.  These staff are in training for management while working in the CTP.  They will be transferred as the management core for the next new CTPs.  The new CTPs will engage in the same process of management multiplication.

Cutting out middlemen

We connect the farmers almost directly to the export market and thereby pass the value of the product down closer to the source.

Integrated Community Development

Community Development and Training built into the cost of operations - even building the facility with community  training classroom space in mind.


This amazing "Tree of Life" yields multiple products from one source.  The nut has super-high concentrations of lauric acid; the water replaces the bodies minerals depleted in exercise; the nut fibers are used in the manufacture of non-woven textiles; the shell is used as a sustainable renewable resin-replacement in plastics; and the coconut tree grows 70+ new nuts every year, year-round for more than 50 years; the Philippines has more than 15 billion trees!!!

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