Completing Construction

Workers warming up for the day

Workers warming up for the day


Construction of the main buildings on site is complete! In November we were able to install our equipment which had been shipped over the Pacific from New Hampshire.

A group of electricians helped to install the edible line equipment in October and November. Because we are using our own generator and some pretty heavy duty equipment, this was no small task. They got the job done and we are eager to start cracking open some coconuts!

Typhoon Bopha

On Tuesday, December 4, Typhoon Bopha brought over 100 mph winds to the southern Philippines. Known to locals as "Pablo," the typhoon wiped out entire villages. Our plant is located in Bicol, which was directly hit by the powerful storm. This area usually avoids typhoons headed for the Philippines due to its latitude which is closer to the equator than most storms tend to travel. 

We are happy to report that our plant and all our employees are safe. Please pray for those affected by the typhoon, their families, and the rebuilding process.

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