Is Coconut Oil going to kill me?

With the recent information released by the American Heart Association, how do we approach coconut oil in our diets? The simple answer: eat in moderation, use everywhere else liberally!

Some of you may have seen articles addressing the recent American Heart Association's analysis of saturated fat (Here and Here and many other places). In it, they basically linked fats, like Coconut Oil and others, to heart disease. This was alarming to some of you who have put much trust in us and our product.

Today, we share with you an article that helps answer some of your questions in a researched and eloquent way.

As always, diets in humans are hard to track. For us at Dignity, we have looked most closely at entire populations who depend primarily on Coconut Oil as their source of fat. For example, the seaside villages where we work (and gather coconuts) are full of people who live on rice, coconuts and sometimes fish. They do not experience the rates of heart disease that we do in the United States.

This is a great article to start with. Our bodies are all mortal, but we want you to live a full and healthy life. We believe Coconut Oil is a part of that.

BUT! There are more uses for coconut oil than just dietary consumption. Use it as lotion, lip balm, sunscreen, conditioner, moisturizer, eye makeup remover! There are almost endless possibilities that you can find here: Some of you might want to eat coconut oil in moderation (We know it tastes fantastic, but don't eat the whole jar in a day!) However, when it comes to topical and other ways to use it, apply liberally!

If you would like more information on what we have found, please email us.