Jonathan's Transformation

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is one of our security guards at Dignity's Community Transformation Plant in The Philippines. He also farms rice to supplement his income, and unfortunately feed his gambling addiction. For years, he would borrow money for his small farm, but his salary and harvest income was wasted in a cycle of debt and gambling addiction. His wife almost gave up on their marriage. In 2012, Jonathan met Jun, our Community Development Leader, who spent extended time with Jonathan and his wife Jenelyn. Since then, their lives have changed.

Jonathan has stopped gambling. After paying off his farming and gambling debts, he used to have only two sacks of rice at harvest. This harvest he had TEN and is using it to renovate his home - a dream come true. He used to be involved in political bribes and kickbacks. He used to live without hope. But not anymore.

Jonathan and his family have hope for their future, and future generations. His marriage is getting stronger and stronger. His wife and sister-in-law are teaching children in the area. His sister-in-law has experienced healing from high blood pressure and his cousin is going through leadership training at our plant.

This transformation is not just about Jonathan. It has transformed his family and his community.