Making Progress on Plant #1

In Review

Construction Highlights


Don Byker celebrates June 2011 groundbreaking at the Bicol site with (L-R) Mel Frane (Proj. Ass't.), Edith Sison (President), Shirley Manallo (Plant Mgr.), Racquel Landong (Community Dev. Dir.), Joseph Landong (Construction Mgr.)


Dignity House and grounds: Management Housing, model community gardens for training, children's library, deep well (32') for plant water supply

Dignity Learning Center Housing for workers during construction; long term housing for management interns; first floor - classrooms and community water purification system

Community Transformation Plant (CTP) and Annex during August construction (Dignity crew in green).  The CTP holds the "clean" coconut edibles production, offices, and classrooms; The Annex has the diesel power supply and "messy" coconut materials production.

Construction Manager Joseph Landong during August wall, column, and beam construction of CTP


Dignity Site Plan showing Dignity House to right, and on the left of the road: The CTP, The Annex, and the Learning Center


Benchmarks Achieved in 2011

  • Formed US Company with leadership team
  • Incorporated Dignity Products and Services in the Philippines
  • Hired President and Managment team for Dignity Products and Services, Inc. Philippines
  • Received 90% of Philippines permits and licenses required at this time
  • Completed basic architectural and engineering construction drawings
  • Raised 75% of capital commitments needed by September 1
  • Completed 2 of 4 buildings on campus (30% completion of others)
  • Completed engineering concepts to begin testing production lines
  • Secured wholesale broker to sell food products
  • Built strong working relationship with public officials


In August 2011

  • Architectural drawing complete and final
  • Manufacturing Line concept for VCO, Coconut Flour, and coconut shell powder completed. During September we plan to finish testing and set up a usable model.
  • Construction plans and engineering filed with municipality while building under permission from the mayor
  • Joint effort continuing to provide customer with coconut shell powder at Dignity's maximum output
  • Negotiating contract for Dignity to provide one container of coconut water per week
  • Typhoon hit in August and washed out road to location - work continued with some delay
  • Dr. Harlan Byker becomes newest investor


September 2011 targets

  • Establish means to surmount weather-related interruptions, including use of RoRos
  • Complete main CTP walls, trusses and roof
  • Accelerate Annex building completion
  • Secure buyer letters of intent for products: CSP, VCO, and coconut water
  • Finalize strategy for contingency production of CSP
  • Move Philippines accounting to "on-line" and standardize it to US format
  • Secure 90% of total capital commitments
  • Plan site dedication (called "ribbon-cutting" in PH) with Governor, Mayor, and other dignitaries
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