Meet Us Monday - Archie

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Archie really enjoys meeting and working with a lot of different people. And of course, he loves playing basketball. Archie lives with his daughter and wife in the village where Dignity’s production plant is located. He is currently on our Quality Assurance staff. He’s making sure your oil is the best on the planet.

Archie loves working for Dignity for lots of reasons. He loves learning and enhancing his skills as he creates the best Virgin Coconut Oil a jar can hold. He also loves the culture Dignity has created of holistic community development. He sees the change Dignity is making in the community, but also in his own life. His biggest hope is that his daughter finishes her studies. With a job at Dignity, this is a real possibility. His family is transformed because of his job at the plant.

One of Archie’s favorite memories has to do with a speech competition. During his second year of college, he was chosen to represent his school in poetry. He missed school to go. All the contestant arrived in formal attire, ready to perform. However, Archie showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. But guess what. HE WON. When he returned to school, all of his classmates were shocked that not only did he represent their school, but he came in 1st place. He says, “When I remember this memory, I smile for sure.”

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