Meet Us Monday - Joviric

Joviric Recio, Organic Inspector

Joverick IMG_8812.jpg

Meet one of our hardest working and most helpful employees! Joviric started helping us in September of 2013 as an Organic Inspector. He goes out to each farm and makes sure the farmers are following best practices. He trains them when needed and keeps a good relationship with our farmers.

Joviric has three kids. In 2008, he pursued a girl who already had other suitors. One of his life highlights was when she said "yes" to being his girlfriend! They are now happy with three children. His 6 year-old son wants to be a police officer! His daughters simply want to "enjoy everything." Don't we all? He hopes to give them a good life and support them for whatever they want.

Instead of leaving his family to go far away to work and send money back to them, Joviric found a job at Dignity. He says, "I work for Dignity because I have the opportunity to work near for my family at the same time, I can guide and see them growing up." His loving family keeps him strong!

If you need your TV or radio repaired, go find Joviric! He also can be found reading - that is, if he is not working so hard you wonder if he ever rests. Joviric is literally a JOY to have on our team in the Philippines.