Purchase with Purpose

You might have seen us use the hashtag #purchasewithpurpose, but what does that really mean?

Voting for the best

Purchase with Purpose 2-02-02.jpg

Every time we make a purchase, we are sending a message and making a choice. Even the simplest purchase is a vote. What you, the consumer, purchase drives companies to produce more. You vote with your dollars for what you want to see on the shelf. You have power!

We are convinced that buying premium coconut oil gives a vote for the best. It means you are voting for no parabens or sulfates in your beauty routine. It means you are voting for a centrifuge method that stops heating the oil. It means you vote for coconut oil as a good fat you want in your diet. You can purchase with purpose.

Voting for people

It also means that you are purchasing based on the purpose behind the jar. We are very committed to transforming communities in rural areas whose people desperately need sustainable business. When you buy Dignity Coconut Oil, you are contributing to the radical transformation of those communities.

You are helping bring families back together. You are helping children get better healthcare. You are helping families get clean water. You are encouraging high school students to dream about college. You are providing jobs that restore dignity. Dignity changes everything. And YOU are a part of that when you purchase with purpose.