What is raw food? 

Basically, it is food in its most original form. The closest to how mother nature intended. Uncooked and unprocessed. It's not just a fad diet. Raw foodism has been around since the 1800's. In more recent years, it has become more prevalent as people have moved away from processed foods.

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raw foods are those which are never heated above 118°F. They are never processed, refined or pasteurized. They stay true to their original state.

Why does that matter for coconut oil?

Even if you are not a raw foodie, there are obvious benefits to choosing foods that are unprocessed. Often the processing of foods can remove vitamins and nutrients that are good for your body. The more something is refined, cooked, processed, etc., the less nutritional benefits you are getting. Palm trees are often called the "tree of life" because coconuts are so beneficial to your body. People living in tropical areas have long known the benefits of the coconut. It brings life. Raw is closest to the actual fresh coconut. Raw is better for your body.

Raw often tastes better. Ok, ok, maybe not all vegetables - cough, beets. But as far as coconut oil goes, the gentle methods used to keep the oil raw also keep the toasted or burnt flavor out. So you get a nice, fresh flavor instead of the stronger flavor with more processed oils.


Our Oil

At Dignity, our oil is raw. We never heat it above 118°F. Never. Ever. We are also committed to providing you with a fresh oil. The time between cracking open the nut to sealing the lid on the jar is always under 24 hours.

It is the most pure oil you can buy. Ever. Ever.

So next time you are looking at oils on the shelf, remember that RAW IS BETTER.