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Marilyn Needed a Boat

Marilyn works as one of the inspectors in our VCO production line. Prior to being employed at Dignity, her husband was the only one earning a living for their family of 6 kids. He is a fisherman but only has a fishing rod and very small boat with no motor and a leak that cannot be repaired. Because of his insufficient equipment, he cannot go far away from the shore for fear of being sunk by the waves. This leaves him with only a minimal catch, often just enough to feed his family for one day.

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A Noticeable Change

Gina's marriage was crumbling. Despite a good income from her husband’s job as a sailor, they had many problems at home. Their fighting was often heard by neighbors and the stress of this spilled over into how she treated her kids, often shouting at them when feeling angry. Her health was also affected causing frequent dizziness & high blood pressure.

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