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A Big Vision

We started Dignity with a BIG vision--break the chains of poverty and modern-day slavery. How? We started by partnering with locals in the Philippines to build a business that provides jobs, fair trade, education and life skills training.

Partnership. Sustainability. Dignity. Reversing cycles of poverty and bringing contagious hope and generosity. That’s what we’re about. So, our coconut products are doing more than giving you a boost - they're transforming thousands of lives.

A Holistic Approach

We use a holistic approach to community development that addresses physical, economic and social issues.

We measure our success based on progress toward the goals established by the community. We believe working together will give them the hope and dignity they need to break the chains of poverty.

How We Measure Success→

Ask First

We believe transformation starts with questions, not answers. We don’t have one-size fits all programs because each community is unique. There are rarely simple answers to solve issues of poverty. We ask first. We look to the leaders within each community to partner with us as we survey the needs, develop goals and work side-by-side to bring lasting transformation.

Community Survey and Results →

Teach Skills and Train

Through training, our business will be a catalyst to improve issues like unemployment rates, cycles of sickness, personal finances, education, environment, business development, leadership and water sanitation.

Training and teaching are the very things that restore the dignity in each person that we so desperately want to see.

Our training program→

We FACILITATE the restoration of hope
to places that need it most.

Liberate Women

Women are often the key to bringing transformation to families and communities. Let's empower them with resources and opportunity.

Combat Slavery

Too many hard working coconut farmers are trapped in debt cycles. Let's end that by giving them a fair price and treating them with respect.

Restore Dignity

Our name is not a cute marketing tool. It's who we are. We bring jobs. We believe in people. We restore dignity.


Pure Water

Contaminated water leads to disease and despair. See how safe water is another way we are combating despair.

New Roads

The government officials in the area have taken notice of what we are doing. So they are improving the roads in the area. Read More

More Jobs

Not only does our plant employ workers and provide consistent income for farmers, other businesses are relocating to our neighborhood.