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Break Chains of Poverty

Our business was born out of a conviction to help communities overcome cycles of poverty and slavery. Not with a handout, but with a sustainable business that will bring lasting hope and change to communities.

Make the best coconut oil

We make the most pure and delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold. We don't heat it. We don't refine it. Our unique raw method gives you every bit of healthy goodness.


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Our virgin coconut oil is “RAW” - never cooked or processed. This means it retains every bit of healthy goodness with a superior taste. You get the most pure and delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold. 


We are located in a pristine remote area, where our coconuts have always been free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Just to be sure, our farmers are trained and certified in Organic farming methods, helping them farm better and smarter. 



BE Holistic

We use a holistic approach to community development that addresses physical, economic and social issues. Read More

Ask First

We believe transformation starts with questions, not answers. There are rarely simple answers to solve issues of poverty. Read More

Teach & Train

Our training program helps restore the dignity in each person that we so desperately want to see. Read More


Coconuts have six parts. Most companies use one part of the coconut and discard the rest. As much as 80% of each coconut is wasted - piled up to rot! Our brilliant engineers have developed ways to use all of the coconut.

We value the earth

We are empowering our farmers to farm better and smarter. We have trained over 200 farmers in organic farming techniques. We are all about sustainable practices for our business. At Dignity, we are radically changing what it looks like to do business in a way that restores people and the planet. Read More

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Location matters. The places with high unemployment rates are where we want to be, even if that makes things harder for us.  Read More

Too much of the world needs hope for us to start small. We want to transform entire communities, and to do so, we have to dream big.  Read More

We believe that a business can bring hope and dignity to those who need it most. Charity alone will not solve abject poverty.  Read More

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How can a business remain sustainable, make the best products, care for the earth and transform its community?
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