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We're different - off the beaten path - and changing the world.

Our business was born out of a conviction to help communities overcome cycles of poverty and slavery. Not with a handout, but with a sustainable business that will bring lasting hope and change to communities. Here's how::

We're Out There

Location matters. The places with high unemployment rates are where we want to be, even if that makes things harder for us.

We're Medium

Too much of the world needs hope for us to start small. We want to transform entire communities, and to do so, we have to dream big.

We're Not A Charity

We believe that a business can bring hope and dignity to those who need it most. Charity alone will not solve abject poverty.

Train and Empower

By placing a high value on training and education, we can empower communities to break cycles of poverty on their own. More...

connect THEM TO YOU

We connect the local farmer to the global export market. The closer we bring the customer to the farmer, the better it is for both. More...

People Over Profits

We recognize the inherent value and dignity in each person. We will choose the harder things in order to unearth that dignity. More...


Dig Deeper Into Our Model

How can a business remain sustainable, make the best products, care for the earth and transform its community? If you'd like to dig deeper into our business model, check out some of these articles: