Holiday Four Pack - (4)15oz

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Holiday Four Pack - (4)15oz


Four gifts to check off your list!

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Holiday Pack includes:

  • Four (4) individually packaged 15oz jars of premium, raw, virgin coconut oil.

  • Each box contains an insert with information about Dignity and uses for coconut oil.

  • Gift tags for each box make this an easy solution to your long list this holiday season.

Please note: For the holiday season, we will be shipping any U.S. orders placed by 3pm CST on the day of the order. Choose the appropriate shipping option to get your order in time.


Our product is “RAW” - never cooked or processed. Our unique method keeps the oil cool in order to retain every bit of healthy goodness. Other production methods take the oil through a rough process, cooking the oil at high temperatures and often using chemicals to separate the oil. This begins breaking down the nutrients months before you can even open their jar of oil.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is centrifuge extracted. We don't heat it. We don't refine it. We spin it. That's right. We fling that water and moisture out so that you are left with the most pure and delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold. 


We are located in a pristine remote area, where our coconuts have always been free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Nevertheless, our farmers are trained and certified in Organic farming methods, helping them farm better and smarter. 


There are over 100 uses for coconut oil. Really! Coconut Oil is great for cooking, baking, frying & sautéing needs. Substitute coconut oil where recipes call for butter or vegetable oil and taste the difference. Plus, coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer for your skin and hair. 

Buy with Dignity

By choosing our coconut oil, you are not only making a great choice for your body, you are helping people out of poverty.