Training and teaching are the very things that restore the dignity in each person that we so desperately want to see.

Through training, our business will be a catalyst to improve issues like unemployment rates, cycles of sickness, personal finances, education, environment, business development, leadership and water sanitation.

Training has been a part of Dignity from Day One. Our architectural plans include it. A significant portion of the square footage at our plant is designed for training and educating. It is at the core of the methodology we use to transform the community.

Our Employees

We thoroughly train our employees. Our process is rigorous and precise. We train for excellence in order to produce a superior product. An educated workforce is a more competitive workforce. We invest significantly in employees' education. For example, we allow them to gain an understanding about financial management while we exemplify good budgeting and accounting. We teach specific skills that can carry over into future jobs. We encourage promotions and more training. We want to see each of our employees succeed in the plant and beyond.

The Community

And it's not just about our own workers. It is about educating the entire community. We hold community education events like the one you see above. We are teaching members of the community how to make their laundry soap and best practices to enhance their everyday life. We dream of multipurpose rooms full of Filipinos learning about budgeting, disease prevention, management skills and so much more.