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August 19, 2022

Am I the only one who feels like it was just yesterday we were pulling out our kids’ swimsuits and stocking up on sunscreen - how is it almost over?! ☀️

Before jumping back into school runs and ANYTHING with the magic words "Pumpkin Spice" - soak up the last weeks of warm weather - using these 5 coconut oil hacks at your next beach or pool day.


Say goodbye to hair frizz caused by summer's sworn enemy (aka humidity) by rubbing a dime amount of coconut oil in your fingers and running your hands through your hair to naturally tame frizz and baby hairs.


Skin feeling dry after long hours in the sun? Use coconut oil to moisturize! 🥥 For best results take a shower first (don’t forget to dry brush!) to get all the sand and dead skin cells off and slather on the coconut oil after drying off.

A girl uses raw coconut oil to moisturize her hands over a bathroom sink

Does your hair feel parched after a day in the salty ocean, at a pool, or lake? No worries, it might just need a little TLC 🌴

For an easy hair mask just slather your hair in coconut oil (concentrating on the ends), wrap in a towel or plastic bag, and let sit for at least an hour. The coconut smell is heavenly and it leaves your hair feeling silky smooth! For a beachy look simply rinse out the coconut oil without using any shampoo or conditioner, scrunch, and let air dry. The best part is coconut oil works wonders for hair growth and health so you can rock beach waves year round (rain or shine) ☀️


Forgot to add SPF on your lips before heading out for a boat day? Be sure to pack your Dignity Coconuts All Natural Lip Balm or just dab on some coconut oil to keep your lips from getting chapped and cracked!

A little girl smiles as she holds up a tub of Dignity Coconuts lip balm to show off its all natural ingredients.


A long day in the sun can make anyone feel exhausted! Regain your energy by adding 1 TBSP of our 100% raw, Organic, and unrefined coconut oil to your afternoon coffee for a dose of healthy fats. Craving a smoothie instead? Check out our favorites here!

Have fun soaking in the last moments of summer- rest, relax, and reflect on all the incredible memories made this season!

Ok ok, now you can start your hunt for that Pumpkin Spice Latte 🍂

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