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January 11, 2023


from your home - or wherever you are sitting!
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Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, a day to shine light on the horrific realties of human trafficking and modern day slavery.
If you feel inclined to scroll past because you're thinking... but what can I do? How can I help with such a big problem? Or maybe you feel far removed?
We want to share actions you can take RIGHT NOW, from wherever you're sitting, that will make a BIG IMPACT in preventing trafficking and supporting survivors.

How You Can Make A Difference:

1. Understand Myths vs. Realities

Movies often portray an unrealistic image of sex trafficking, but we quickly believe what we see. Don't take "Taken" at its word. Watch our new series "Myth Busting Monday: The Truth About Trafficking" to learn the root causes behind the industry.

man on Zoom call talks about the impact of human trafficking
Another way to educate is to follow social media accounts that exist to bring every-day people into the conversation of human trafficking.
Some of our favorites are: A21, Hope For Justice, Exodus Road 
Watching on Prime? Add the documentary Half the Sky to your list.

2. Be Aware of the Content You Consume

It's undeniable."There is a strong interconnectedness between pornography and sexual exploitation", says Katie Bergman, Director of Communications and Operations for the Set Free Movement. While we often believe that sex trafficking equates forced prostitution, there are other forms of sex trafficking that exist, especially in the pornography industry. Content for porn is often created while women, and even children, are being trafficked. These videos and pictures are often sold, or used for blackmail and shaming purposes. Pornography also desensitizes viewers to violence and normalizes sexual exploitation.
While it may be uncomfortable to address, "porn directly fuels the demand for sexual exploitation and it can sometimes be recorded evidence of sex trafficking". If you or anyone you know is addicted to porn, ask for help.

3. Avoid Buying The Cheapest Product

We all love a good deal.
But the cheapest thing is cheap for a reason. Sadly, the cheapest products on the market are often linked to human trafficking - in the form of slave labor, child labor, poor working conditions, and production that destroys the earth in the process.
Here are some questions to ask before your next purchase:
  • Is this made by a company I trust to not exploit people?
  • What conditions are people working under?
  • Are they getting paid fairly and treated with dignity?
If you're looking for easy swaps around your home, HERE is a list of some of our favorite brands.

4. Befriend The Oppressed

In a recent interview from our new Myth Busting series, Anti-trafficking advocate Jim Larson depicted the life-changing impact that connections can make for the poor, oppressed, and marginalized.

He said "I would like to see people connect, using social media. I have a paper that lists ways to help youth out of poverty, and making connections is one of them. Poor people don't know anybody! When they go to look for jobs, they talk to who they know." Unfortunately, this often includes those ready to take advantage of the oppressed and marginalized.
Who could you befriend in your community that needs help?

5. Purchase From Businesses Fighting Human Trafficking

Businesses fighting human trafficking often comes in two forms:
  1. Businesses that employ trafficking survivors to keep them from falling into the 80% of women who are re-trafficked because of a lack of a safe and meaningful job.
  2. Businesses creating jobs in at-risk areas to PREVENT people from ever having to turn towards selling their bodies.
Purchasing from for-profit businesses that are creating long-term, sustainable income and opportunities for at-risk communities is one of the most impactful ways you can support the war on trafficking.
Businesses like Dignity Coconuts ...
Three pictures of Dignity Coconut products in a row


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