March 20, 2023

The start of Spring means it’s time for some Spring cleaning! Here are 7 ways to add coconut oil to your cleaning routine for a nontoxic swap in your home.

You probably have some coconut oil lying around that you’re using for baking, a weekly hair mask, or as a clean lube. Why not give the jar one more use?

Heather Smith, a healthy living expert with says that “Coconut oil is great to use around the home because it’s natural, unprocessed, nontoxic, and antibacterial.” The high content of lauric acid found in coconut oil makes this versatile ingredient a natural antimicrobial and a great addition to any nontoxic cleaning routine! 

Fix Squeaky Hinges

Just like coconut oil makes a great lube in the bedroom, it can also be used as a lubricant to stop hinges from squeaking. Simply, scoop out a teaspoon of coconut oil on a Q-tip or cloth and rub it onto the creases on the hinge. You can also remove the pin of the hinge from the door completely and then cover it in coconut oil for a longer-term solution. We prefer coconut oil over other oils because it’s pure white color, so it won’t leave a stain like olive oil or canola oil will.

Polish Stainless Steel

Coconut oil makes a great stainless steel polisher. Add to a soft cloth and rub along the grain of your appliances for a shiny finish. Erin Boyle, mom behind the blog Reading My Tea Leaves, swears by it. She says, “I use just a spoonful of oil on a soft cloth, rubbed into the surface until it’s not greasy to the touch, but all of the stains and streaks have gone away.”

A cleanly polished stainless steel oven in a kitchenPicture from Erin Boyle's blog, Reading My Tea Leaves

Remove Sticky Labels

Stubborn labels won’t come off? Remove sticky residue from stickers – potentially placed in the wrong place (thank you children!) – by applying coconut oil to the area and letting it sit for 15 minutes. You should be able to watch the stickiness melt right off! Need a little more strength? Add baking soda to the oil and scrub off with a sponge.

Get Crayon Off the Wall

It’s true! Do the kids in your house not yet know the difference between paper and the wall? Add coconut oil to a soft sponge and rub gently on the wall to remove crayon marks. We recommend testing this on a small area of your wall first, to be sure your wall type is suited for this.

Kid leans against a wall that has crayon marks all over it

Polish Wood

Give your wood furniture some love by mixing ½ cup of coconut oil with the juice of one lemon. Use a soft cloth to rub it into the wood, let sit for 2 minutes, and wipe off any excess.

Fresh’n Wood Cutting Boards

Keep your wood cutting boards from splitting and staining by conditioning them with coconut oil. Just use a cloth to rub some coconut oil over your board and wash clean. Dignity Coconuts coconut oil has a neutral taste and aroma, so you don’t have to worry about the oil making your food taste different!

A jar of Dignity Coconut coconut oil with a freshly cleaned wood cutting board

All-Purpose Grime-Getter

Grimy bathtub? Mix coconut oil with baking soda until it forms a paste and rub the mixture onto a spot that needs some freshening up. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash clean.

It’s time to add Dignity Coconuts coconut oil to your under-the-sink-cleaning-caddy, right next to our other natural cleaning besties, vinegar and baking soda!

How will you be using coconut oil in your cleaning routine?

Written by Christina Haselden

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