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June 23, 2021

Does your coconut oil come from mold and bug infested coconuts?!

This is coconut meat (aka “Copra”) used for Refined Coconut Oil. 
Coconut meat (aka “Copra”) used for Refined Coconut Oil. The meat grows mold and bugs as it’s dried outside.

As the fresh meat is dried outside, it's engrossed by bugs and mold. 🤢

That's why companies have to Refine, Bleach and Deodorize the coconut oil.

Refine - They can't sell mold and bug infested oil, so they exterminate ☠️ them. 

Bleach - The mold leaves a dark yellow stain on the oil so they bleach it to make it look whiter.

Deodorize - This crude process leaves the coconut oil with a nauseating odor so they deodorize the oil to remove all smell.

Disgusted? You're not alone. 

And it made us wonder...why would ANY brand sell Refined Coconut Oil?

Dignity will NEVER sell refined coconut oil because it's not healthy. We are not willing to make extra money on a product we know is bad for you. 

Coconut Oil Comparison

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