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January 26, 2023

For National Human Trafficking Awareness Month we wanted to share 9 for-profit businesses fighting human trafficking through their business model.

Some businesses employ SURVIVORS to keep women from being re-trafficked, and some businesses create jobs in at-risk areas to PREVENT women from ever having to consider selling their bodies in the first place. All these brands prioritize sustainability in their manufacturing process so you can rest easy knowing your purchase was made with care for the planet in mind - on top of social impact, and of course, the product being top quality. 

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What they sell: Tote bags and pouches

How they fight trafficking: The Tote Project creates ethically made and beautiful tote bags made by survivors of exploitation and human trafficking.



What they sell: 100% Organic and Raw coconut oil, vegan lip balms, and dry brushes

How they fight: Dignity Coconuts hire women at risk of human trafficking in rural areas of the Philippines. They also stand out in the exploitative coconut industry because they hire more than 100 coconut farmer families and pay them fair wages so that they aren’t trapped in predatory loans.

Dignity Coconuts



What why sell: High quality, timeless clothing pieces

How they fight: Elegantees is tackling poverty in Nepal through job creation for survivors and those at risk. They are proponents of "slow fashion" and ethically create high quality pieces that are made to last and are friendly to the earth.

Women showing off their clothing pieces



What they sellStationary and cards for every occasion

How they fight: Good Paper employs women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines, as well as young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda, to give them a chance at a better life.

Good Paper Site



What why sell: Handmade jewelry

How they fight: NightLight Collection reaches out to those working in Bangkok’s red light districts in Thailand and offers them alternative employment opportunities 

Girl showing off jewelry



What they sell: A little bit of everything! Home, beauty, accessories, apparel

How they fight: Thistle Farms is helping women overcome and heal from systems of prostitution and exploitation in Nashville,Tennessee. On top of employment, they offer survivors 2 years of free housing and healthcare and trauma therapy.




What they sell: Athleisure bags and fitness accessories

How they fight: Aruna Project is an impact driven athleisure brand bringing lifelong freedom to victims of human trafficking through employment. They also provide victims with transitional housing, free counseling, community, and of course a living wage.

Three women showing off their athletic bags



What they sell: Handcrafted leather goods

How they fight: Parker Clay hires women in Ethiopia with a goal to restoring independence to women who have been exploited through prostitution, ultimately fighting to end prostitution in Ethiopia.

Woman on bed with three different leather bags



What they sell: Wedding veils and bridal accessories

How they fight: Freedom Society Collective hires survivors of human trafficking to create beautiful bridal accessories, bringing even more significance to the memories you make on your special day.

Bride and groom on a cliff top with the veil in the wind


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