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January 24, 2018

What do you use to take off your makeup?


Ever since I was a teenager, I've used the same brand to take off my makeup. I'm sure at some point, you ladies have used it too - it's the generic bottle you find at any Target, Walmart, drugstore. Easily removes your makeup with no mess, no harm done. SOLD! But a few years ago, I developed a terrible case of eczema and frantically started analyzing all of these products I was putting on my skin.  (Life tip! Do NOT wait until your body is already freaking out before you start taking better care of it). There was a rough few months of researching clean, all natural brands, testing out new products, and narrowing down what was irritating my skin.

What I discovered about products I had been using for YEARS was disgusting! Let's talk about what I was putting on my face... I had been using over-the-counter "oil free" eye makeup remover and face wipes for everything else. In the midst of my research for clean brands, a friend suggested an app to me called Thinkdirty! The way it works is you type in a product and it tells you how "dirty" it is on a scale from 1-10 (1 being cleanest, 10 the dirtiest). It bases it's "dirtiness" off of added chemicals, toxins, fragrances. BOTH products came up as a 10!

So what was I meant to do? There were other "cleaner" makeup removers out there, but they ranked as a 4 or 5 (still risky for irritation to occur) and I was desperate for a solution! That's when I tried Dignity's RAW Virgin Coconut Oil. I heard from a few people that coconut oil was working well for them as a makeup remover replacement, but I needed to try it for myself.

What I discovered...

I LOVED IT! I loved using Dignity's Coconut Oil! Specifically because it is a high quality, raw oil so the texture is incredibly soft and makes it smooth and easy to remove makeup (even mascara!) It also hydrates your skin instead of stripping it with harsh chemicals. And most importantly, I trusted the brand. I know that Dignity Coconuts is a good company with safe processing methods and pure products. That this jar is 100% made from organic coconuts and nothing else has been added. I now keep a 4 oz jar in my washbag and bring it wherever I go!

DISCLAIMER: Even though your face may feel amazing after using the coconut oil as makeup remover, it is still important to wash your face with warm water and a clean cleanser and toner. Your face will still retain the moisture from the coconut oil even after you complete your night time routine. This advise comes from experience that properly cleansing your face, and also incorporating coconut oil in your routine will help heal acne and blemishes.

Author: Lenea Mitchell, Marketing Coordinator at Dignity Coconuts

Dignity Coconuts Makeup Remover Tutorial Video

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