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Dignity's 2023 Impact Report is here!

A note from our President:

I recently visited our team in the Philippines and the stories of life change are incredible! I was shocked to hear how many of our farmers had sent their kids to college - something that would have been unheard of 10 years ago. I hope someday you can look into their eyes and hear the impact you've had on this community through your purchases and sharing Dignity with friends. - Erik Olson, President of Dignity Coconuts

The Dignity Difference: Our Year In Numbers

Our year in numbers!

Highlights of 2023

Winner of 2023 Oil Product of the Year by Mindful Awards

Dignity Coconuts wins Mindful Award's "2023 Oil Product of the Year" Award for their superior Raw Coconut Oil and ethical practices. Dignity wins amongst other popular and respected food brands.

Winner of the Vegan Beauty Awards

Dignity Coconuts wins the Vegan Beauty Award for their All Natural Vegan Lip Balms.

These best-selling lip balms are free of chemicals and artificial fragrances, focusing solely on the goodness of essential oils and natural elements. Crafted in small batches to ensure the utmost quality, users get to relish the pure benefits of unrefined ingredients.

Launched New Bundle!

Over the holidays we launched a limited-edition Eco Makeup Remover Bundle with a new 3oz jar of Raw Coconut Oil and reusable bamboo makeup pads. 

Launched Eco Makeup Remover Bundle!

Produced LOTS of Raw Coconut Oil

This year Dignity produced over 8,188KG of Raw Coconut Oil at our plant in the Philippines! 

We produced 8,188 kg of raw coconut oil this year!


Want to know more?

Read Stories of Transformation!


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Sue Wilson
Sue Wilson

March 14, 2024

We would like to order from your company but we are in Canada and it appears that you only ship to the US Is there anyway you can ship to Canada?

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