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February 14, 2023

We all love a good love story!

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The pressures of poverty often splits families apart. But at Dignity Coconuts, families get to stay together and choose a better way of life!

Here is our "MEET CUTE"
(a Gen Z phrase to describe how a couple first met!)

Jonathan & Jenelyn

A Filipino couple looking at each other


The Meet

In 2003, Jonathan or we know as “Athan” (his nickname) was working as a construction worker in Manila. He was a bit lonely because he was away from his family, but he believed that he needed to work hard to support them. One day his cousin introduced him to Jenelyn and he fell in love at first sight! He knew that he would marry her someday and will love her forever.

The Dating

After about 4 months of friendship, Athan finally decided to court Jenelyn. Their very first date was at a theme park, it was a night full of fun and love. It was then that Athan got the sweetest “yes” from Jenelyn to formally become his girlfriend.

The Long Distance

Just a few months later, Athan moved back to his hometown to prepare to move abroad in order to find better work opportunity to provide for Jenelyn and the future they wanted.

For almost two years they only communicated by calls and texts, having a long-distance relationship was hard, but they focused on the important things- building a better future for each other.

However, Athan never made it abroad because he soon realized that his employment agency was an illegal recruiter. At the back of his mind, he thought "Maybe this is the Lord's doing, so that I can be with Jenelyn".

Wedding Bells

After two years of long-distance, Athan went back to Manila to be with Jenenlyn.
Six years later, in August 2012, they decided to get married!

 A Filipino couple looking at each other


What They Love

When asked what characteristics made Jenelyn fall in love with Athan, she said that Athan is generous, has a good sense of humor, is responsible, loving,  and of course handsome! Athan loves that Jenelyn is caring, intelligent, kind, loving, and beautiful inside out.


Fast forward to today and they've been married for 17 years and have three children, Price Gabriel is the eldest (14), Sarah (12), and Alyza Jane (7).
Athan loves his job as a coconut purchaser at Dignity while Jenelyn is a stay at home mom. 
Athan's message to Jenelyn this Valentine's Day is: "I will continue to be a good father, good husband, and will promise to love and take care of you and our family forever".
Your purchases with Dignity Coconuts are helping these couples have a more financially stable future! Thank you for helping them provide for their families.

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