May 31, 2018

There are 101 daily benefits to coconut oil -
and hair treatment is one of the Best!

Why Your Hair Needs Coconut Oil!

One of the basic steps in personal hygiene is washing your hair. We have been told all of our lives to wash ourselves in two steps - cleanse and then hydrate. We've adopted this into any skin routine, especially our facial and body wash routines.

The original nature and makeup of cleansing products include formulas (aka a combination of chemicals) to strip bacteria, oils, and odors. At the time when these products came out, people were excited about the results! The chance to look and feel more fresh became a reality and socially important! Unfortunately, we later on discover how damaging these added chemicals would be for our skin and hair. Beauty product companies were fully aware of this, which is why you're always given the option to purchase a cleansing and moisturizing product. Look at hair product companies as an example - every shampoo product you see on a shelf is strategically paired with a conditioner, but even conditioner is made up chemicals!

So, what happens over time when you use shampoo and conditioner regularly?
Imagine this.. the process involves stripping oils from your scalp and then adding chemically produced moisturizers back to your scalp, which tricks your glands into thinking it is hydrated...

As contrary as it seems, your skin and scalp need raw oil!
Not chemically produced products.
Either you suffer from a dry scalp because it's not hydrated properly, or you have an oily scalp because the stripping of oils has sets your glands in a freak out mode where they're constantly over producing oil. Each body responds differently...

Adding an oil treatment to our hair routine will balance out
the oil production in your scalp and strengthen your hair.

Why is Using Dignity Coconut Oil Better than Other Oils?

THREE Reasons!
   #1 Benefits of using RAW oil on your skin
   #2 Coconuts are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
   #3 Softest coconut oil you'll ever try!

RAW OIL >> Adding oil to your hair gives your head a break from chemicals. Most "Hair oils" (especially those advertised as coconut products) still include chemicals. Also, some other oils that are heavily refined and processed don't stay true to its original state. Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, then you will properly hydrate your scalp (no stripping chemicals involved), and you'll be using a product that has retained all of its original nutrients.

COCONUTS >> Simple! Coconuts contain micro-organisms that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. There are a lot of other oils out there - olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, vegetable oil - but those are more used for cooking and enhancing flavor. Not necessarily oils you'd want to put on your skin! Nor do those fruits have the same healing properties like a coconut.
Plus, we are using a unique method to make our coconut oil RAW, so all of those good, bacteria fighting agents live in our oil and will restore the health of your hair.

SOFTEST OIL >> Our method of production is a lot different than others. Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is never heated above 118°F.
It's never pressed, processed or refined. Then what do we do?
 We fling the oil! This is called centrifuge extraction - where we use g-force to gently separate the oil, leaving you with the most pure and delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold.

How to Take Care of Your Hair with Raw Coconut Oil

This will look different for everyone! The process and routine (and frequency) of your coconut oil treatment will depend on your hair type. What is the state of your hair? Dry, oily, thick, fine, coarse, damaged, brittle?

Below, we will share with you a few routines and let you decide!

ONCE A WEEK to TWO WEEKS: Shampoo, Condition (optional), Blow dry hair, Coconut oil (massage into scalp & lightly coat all of your hair), Put your hair up in a bun & let the oil sit for at least 4 hours (many recommend to sleep on it, but lay a towel over your pillow to prevent it getting oily)
Wash out coconut oil w/ shampoo!

ONCE A WEEK to TWO WEEKS: Brush out, Shampoo, Condition (optional), Coconut oil (massage into scalp & lightly coat hair),
Put your hair up in a bun & leave the oil in for at least 4 hours. Depending on the coarseness of your hair, it may soak up the oil by the end of your day or you can wash it out with shampoo.
EVERY 3 to 4 DAYS: Place a scoop of coconut oil in your palms, squeeze your hands together so the oil melts down, and run through your hair for daily moisturizing.

Wash with preferred soap & rinse. As your hair is still damp, massage coconut oil into hair and watch those curls grow!

Use one of the methods TWO DAYS before getting your hair colored. Try not wash again between your coconut oil treatment and color treatment.

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