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February 06, 2018


Only using three All-Natural Ingredients:
Two Essential Oils + Dignity Coconut Oil

It was around Christmas time. The crisp air and falling snow kissed my cheeks. It was beautiful - beautiful and cold. I can always feel the dropping temperature in my skin. It's always this time of year that I find myself carrying around extra tubes of hand lotion, and desperately finding ways to keep my face hydrated. That snowy day, I went around to a friend's home, immediately expressing how cold and dry I was feeling, she showed me the moisturizer she made at home using only natural ingredients.

"My recipe for my everyday moisturizer is a full 4oz jar of Dignity Coconut Oil and 8 drops of melrose and lavender Young Living Essential Oils! I travel with this everywhere I go and I use it for EVERYTHING." - Drea

Recipe & Photo by: Drea Rocha, Young Living Distributor

When asked why she chose those specific oils, she explained - "Melrose is great for acne because it disinfects and relieves dry skin. I use lavender because I love the smell and it has similar properties as melrose, so they pair well together."

Drea is a distributor for Young Living so I knew I could trust her on this one! The recipe is simple for anyone to create at home! 

"I love using Dignity's Raw Coconut Oil as a base oil to mix my essential oils. It feels like SILK And I believe in the PURPOSE!
Honestly, I use it for EVERYTHING
...Deodorant, Chapstick, Lotion for my whole body.It always works like a champ!"

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