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January 23, 2020

Oils. Oils. Oils.

A topic that is commonly talked about with our friends, in our household, at beauty shops, grocery stores, etc — but what sets one apart from another?

Take MCT oil… a new oil that has risen in popularity over the last few years and most famously used in a smoothie or coffee to provide a “boost of energy” for your day!
Most MCT oil comes from coconut oil and one third comes from palm oil. So what makes most MCT oil different from coconut oil? Is one actually better than the other?

Not all oils are created equal

Let’s go back to the basics about oils. Say you are standing in a grocery store… starring at that daunting oil & baking aisle… which oil or fat do you buy? Which product is the best?
Here is a list of questions to ask yourself when choosing an oil to cook with:

  1. What source did the oil come from? Animal fat or plant-based fat?

  2. What was the quality or condition of that source?
    For an animal source: Was that animal under stressful or inhumane conditions?
    For a plant source: Was that plant old or moldy? Was it grown organically and sustainably?

  3. How was the oil processed?
    Have all the nutrients been stripped away?

Did you know that refined coconut oil is made from coconuts that are moldy and buggy?!

That's why they have to refine, bleach and deodorize it.

Coconut meat (aka “Copra”) used for Refined Coconut Oil. The meat grows mold and bugs as it’s dried outside.

Coconut meat (aka “Copra”) used for Refined Coconut Oil. The meat grows mold and bugs as it’s dried outside.

MCT vs RAW Virgin Coconut Oil

What is the difference between these two oils? They both come from a coconut!

MCT OIL has been marketed as the “new healthy oil” that everybody should use every morning. Is it actually the best? Or is it another fad?

MCT Oil Myth or Fact:

  • MCT Oil is very pure because it comes from Virgin Coconut Oil: MYTH
    **Nearly all MCT Oil comes from Refined Coconut Oil, which comes from mold and bug infested coconut meat. This requires manufacturers to refine, bleach and deodorize the oil before pulling out the MCTs.

  • MCT Oil is simply the MCTs from Coconut: MYTH
    **Most MCT Oil does come from a coconut, but the oil itself (the medium chain fatty acid - which includes Lauric acid and all of the nutritional benefits that comes from pure coconut oil) is taken out.

  • MCT Oil has the same nutritional benefits as Raw Coconut Oil: MYTH
    **Since MCT Oil doesn’t actually include the Lauric acid (as explained above) you are not receiving the compound in coconut oil that has nearly all the health benefits.

  • MCT Oil is a sustainable product: MYTH
    **MCT oil only uses 15% of the coconut oil, leaving a lot of waste. Plus, 34% of MCT oils use palm oil instead. If that brings images of deforestation and killing orangutans to your mind, pat yourself on the back.

  • Effective Energy Source: FACT
    **But it will be limited without pure coconut oil

  • MCT Oil is convenient: FACT
    **The draw to MCT Oil is how easy it is to add to smoothies and coffee! Unfortunately, the quality for ANY liquidized coconut oil is going to be inferior to the oils made with less processing.

OUR RAW COCONUT OIL IS the highest quality


65% of our coconut oil is MCT oil. So while we’re not the new hip mct oil, an extra scoop of our oil will get you the same results. Plus, we have more health benefits packed into each spoonful and we are closest to the source with the least amount of processing.

Our fresh, creamy and mild tasting coconut oil is just as delicious to add to that smoothie!

For more details on the differences, check this out…


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