February 01, 2021

Worker with signed jar
Maybe you noticed that someone wrote on the top of your jar. A name. In permanent ink. Right there on the lid of your coconut oil. What's up with that?

That right there is more than a name. It's a story. A family. A person. It's real. It's pride. It's hope. It's the Dignity difference. 

Does your jar have a name? See their story

You see, on average, coconut oil changes hands over 14 times between the tree and your house. And each step along the way means someone else is taking money to move the product along. We are doing things a whole different way. At Dignity, we want the locals and farmers to benefit. 

We are organic certifying each tree that a farmer cuts coconut from to sell to us. When he or she can't sell to us for some reason, they can still get paid the higher price for their organic coconuts.

We are making the coconut oil from the opening of the nut all the way to the sealing of the lid right there on site in the middle of... well... small seaside villages kinda in the middle of nowhere. It's logistically crazy. We can't always get supplies we might need immediately like we would in a big city or port. Roads and bridges might be impassable. Why are we making it harder? Because they matter. Each person, in each step of the process gets a job.

Workers sign lids at the end of a shift

Workers sign lids at the end of a shift.

Not only that, but we are a company that shares ownership and profits with our employees. We are all in this together, creating the most pure coconut oil on earth. It really is the best and we are all proud to make it. So at the end of each shift, we pay each of our workers to sign the lids. To feel pride in holding the jar they helped produce. For them to see the finished product and experience the joy of sending it into the global export market.

So go check your lid. Behind the name on that lid is a person --- a family --- a life ---  with hopes and dreams and restored dignity.

(p.s. If you get the name July on your lid, July is a guy, not an expiration! Ha!)

See the story behind the signature

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