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March 06, 2023

"When I first entered Dignity, I admit that I was like a lost sheep distantly watching those who willingly follow their shepherd to a warm and loving home. I was confused, wary, and mistrustful. Looking at my current self, I could say that I have come a long way after my two years of stay at Dignity. Thank you for contributing to my professional growth, career progression, and development of my leadership skills, that I previously thought were non-existent. I will be forever grateful for welcoming me with open arms." - Merciline, Engineer

meet merciline

Merciline grew up here! It is rare to find someone like her in this area (where our production plant is located) -- A local female who graduated high school and college, graduating with an engineering degree. It's a huge accomplishment!

But opportunities for jobs, especially safe jobs, in this rural seaside village are few are far between. Many families are split or end up in corrupt jobs because of this lack of opportunity.

After all of Merciline's hard work and she's left without a job!

"When you are trapped in poverty; or trapped in grief and depression; life looks like it has no options. And especially in the case of poverty or in an at-risk community, there are very few opportunities and options. It is a relentless grind. One way we know we are on track with Dignity is if our small task of creating jobs, then creates opportunities for someone else. A way out of the poverty cycle!" - Stephen, CEO of Dignity Coconuts

After a tough job search, she finally found Dignity Coconuts. Two years ago, she started with our team and jumped right in on a rigorous clean water project to pipe, purify, and distribute clean drinking water to the local area. She has done a significant job and we are so thankful for her!

Reflecting on these two years, Merciline says, "I was able to conduct multiple experiments on improvement of oil recovery, equipment efficiency, and wastewater treatment. I was also given the opportunity to join the team in-charge of the Wadi Project and helped in the preparation of documents and acquisition of permits prior to the implementation of the project. I was able to develop graphic design skills, learn how to drive, create some internal databases, formulate a Safety Manual and SOP, ensure compliance with the DENR, and conduct lectures on solid waste management."


"I cannot seem to put into words the feeling of gratitude and love that I feel for Dignity. It is not just a company, it is a beacon of hope for the workers and farmers once living in the grassroots. I have never seen an organization so devoted to their cause and selfless in giving love to others." - Merciline
To those of you who have purchased a jar and supported Dignity Coconuts over the years, we THANK YOU for being a part of transforming lives and restoring DIGNITY. Read more transformational stories!

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