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June 01, 2020

Meet Rovenick

Tell us about yourself.

I am the kind of person who always thinks first before taking action. A person who is serious and friendly.  Aside from computers, I am also into photography (nature as the subject) When at home, I love listening to music.

Tell us more about where you live and your family.

Although I am living independently, I know that my family is always there to support me.  They are the one whom I can call a family and friend at the same time. Although I do not have kid yet today, I’m able to help my siblings in a little way and hope I could do more for them in the near future.

Tell us about a memory that makes you smile.

There are a lot of moments in my life that make me smile but the greatest and overwhelming smile that I remember was when my mother won her battle from heart surgery and has her second life.

What were you doing before being employed at Dignity?

Before I work here at Dignity, I was working at my sister’s handicraft business. I started working here at Dignity in 2014.

Why did you come to work at Dignity?

Aside from earning money, I chose to work here because it is near to my loved ones; and Dignity is the place where I could enhance and develop my skills and at the same time be able to serve my community.

What is your role at Dignity?

Today, I am working as an Inventory Staff; doing some inventories and reports but my first work/job here was receiving coconuts.  Then, at filtration (machine operator), sanitation personnel and then, Quality Controller.

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