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Clean Beauty Kit: Natural Fiber Body Brush & Body Oil

  • Healthy, glowing skin without synthetics.
    EcoMax Brushes are Fair-Trade Certified, ethically handmade from High-Quality Natural Fibers.

    Includes: Soft or Medium Bristle Dry Brush, How To Dry Body Brush Guide, and 4oz Raw Coconut Oil to nourish your skin in a Reusable Bag (100% natural and biodegradable)

    Ultimate Kits get Natural Lip Balms to heal and protect your lips and FREE SHIPPING.

  • Dry Brushing Benefits:

    • Natural Exfoliant - Removes dead skin
    • Stimulates Cell Production - Gives skin a healthy glow
    • Skin Detox - Stimulates lymphatic system to eliminate waste and toxins
    • Reduces Keratosis Pilaris - Clears up bumps often found on arms and legs
    • Stress Relief - Improves circulation and reduces stress

    Heal and Protect - End your routine with Raw Coconut Oil for increased results