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The Enthusiast Bundle

Need a gift for the one who does it all?

Start here with the basics: Our 15oz jar is great for the kitchen, the 4oz jar loves to sit on the bathroom counter, and their lips will love a 5 pack of our All Natural Vegan Lip Balms for winter.


    CHEMICAL-FREE - Excellent protection and healing properties without any of the toxic chemicals found in most lip balms.

    VEGAN - No animal ingredients, animal by-products, or animal-derived products like beeswax or lanolin.

    NATURAL FLAVORS - Subtle hints of flavor from essential oils.

    SMALL BATCH - Carefully crafted to renew your lips.

    HIGH QUALITY - All ingredients are unrefined, giving you all of the natural benefits.

    AWARD-WINNING - Dignity's All Natural Vegan Lip Balms won the Vegan Beauty Award for its minimal and plant-based ingredients.