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Behind the Jar

Meet the People Behind Dignity Coconuts

who signed my jar?


I am a skilled electrician. I can also fix broken furniture and build houses.


Since I began working at Dignity, our life has improved and my three siblings are now able to go to school.


I am happy when I see my children determined to finish their studies.


It is my hope that my father and my mother would get well. I also would like to put up an electrical store.


"I have the opportunity to work near my family."

Christian L.

I am proud that I am able to meet the needs of my family and that I was able to build our own home...

John Kenneth

John Kenneth grew up with five sisters, who all worked hard to improve their living situation.


Since I started working at Dignity, I am now able to provide for the needs of my family and give them a better life.


I dream of being able to buy a big house for my children.


"Dignity is the place where I could enhance and develop my skills."

Elmer P

One thing I wish in this lifetime is for me to be able to study again


I was a fisherman before I worked at Dignity.

Alvin T

I am married with four children.  I have a happy family even if we lack money and school supplies.


What makes me smile is whenever I see my wife and children.


Since I worked at Dignity, our life is somehow better now. I now have something that I can depend on.


I am good and helpful. I like playing volleyball and going deep sea fishing.


Sometimes I help others who are poor and needy. Even giving just a little helps them a lot.


I am happy that I am now able to help my family.  It is a significant matter to be able to help my family.

Shirley Manallo

"Every time I look at the coconut tree, it reminds me during my childhood days..."


"He only had a fishing rod and very small boat with no motor and a leak that cannot be repaired."


This led to large debts and high interest loans making it difficult to pay school fees.