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Behind the Jar

Meet the People Behind Dignity Coconuts

who signed my jar?


Isagani has always been a hard worker. He just needed a chance.


Now I am able to help my husband meet our family’s needs and we are now able to buy what we want.


His wages barely paid rent and never afforded his girls more opportunity.


He's affectionately referred to as one of the "Organic Boys" who hop on their motorbikes to visit our farmers.


I would like to know more about organic farming and be able to teach this to farmers who lack knowledge and ability to do organic farming.


His salary and harvest income was wasted in a cycle of debt and gambling addiction. But the story didn't end there.


"It was incredibly painful as I did not have contact with my siblings for many years."


“No amount of money or fortune can compare to what Dignity have given me and my family.”

Rachel M

I realized it is so difficult to be working away from your children. Dignity brought us back together.


“When I remember this memory, I smile for sure.”


I am a skilled electrician. I can also fix broken furniture and build houses.


Since I began working at Dignity, our life has improved and my three siblings are now able to go to school.


I am happy when I see my children determined to finish their studies.


It is my hope that my father and my mother would get well. I also would like to put up an electrical store.


"I have the opportunity to work near my family."

Christian L.

I am proud that I am able to meet the needs of my family and that I was able to build our own home...

John Kenneth

John Kenneth grew up with five sisters, who all worked hard to improve their living situation.


Since I started working at Dignity, I am now able to provide for the needs of my family and give them a better life.


I dream of being able to buy a big house for my children.


"Dignity is the place where I could enhance and develop my skills."

Elmer P

One thing I wish in this lifetime is for me to be able to study again


I was a fisherman before I worked at Dignity.

Alvin T

I am married with four children.  I have a happy family even if we lack money and school supplies.


What makes me smile is whenever I see my wife and children.


Since I worked at Dignity, our life is somehow better now. I now have something that I can depend on.