Meet Us Monday - Allan

Before he started with Dignity in 2012, Allan was a fisherman and a farmer. When he began in construction, Allan was working to support his family and to improve their future. You see, he has five kids and big hopes and dreams for their future! He and his wife hope for good health and a bright future for their family!


After spending some time as a security guard for Dignity, Allan has now become one of our organic farm inspectors. We affectionately refer to this team as the "Organic Boys" who hop on their motorbikes and visit our farmers. Because each tree must be inspected, Allan works hard inspecting many farms. 

Allan and his family love to sing. All of his kids - Alanes (16), Alexis (14), Aliza (12), Julian (9) and Aaron (6) - enjoy singing! The seven of them sure would be a fun group to join for karaoke or an evening of songs. Allan loves his family and we are so grateful that all of them are part of the Dignity family!

Erik OlsonComment