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Coconut oil

that sets people Free

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The Purest
Coconut Oil
EVER Crafted

Instead of overprocessing like all the virgin coconut oils on the shelf, we use a centrifuge that simply spins the oil out of the fresh coconut cream. Our unique method is 100% RAW, preserving all the micronutrients and enzymes.

Best of all, our fresh, mild taste won’t overpower your food, making it the perfect oil for your everyday meals and ideal for smoothies, oil pulling, skin and hair.

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taste the difference

Like raw honey and grass fed butter, you deserve the best with all the natural goodness still inside. Not even cold-pressed can give you that. Dignity’s new centrifuge RAW coconut oil is full of all the micronutrients you crave, giving you more out of every delicious spoonful.



After years of nonprofit work in SouthEast Asia, we were outraged by systems of injustice that trap families in poverty and sex trafficking.

We partnered with locals to create a way out. Our holistic approach provides jobs, education, clean water and direct trade.

Enjoying Dignity Coconut Oil offers families freedom from injustice and restores their hope with dignity.

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