October 19, 2023

Many ask us:

“Why in the world would I buy Dignity Coconuts when others are cheaper?”

Here's why you can trust your purchase with Dignity Coconuts.

End Coconut Slavery

Coconut farmers are trapped in predatory loans that lead to generational debt and put their families at-risk of trafficking.

Our customers helped:

1) 156 coconut farmer families escape this trap and start a new life of freedom.

2) 100+ dignified jobs for those at risk.

3) 2,000+ families gain access to clean water, organic farming training, and healthy life skills.

"Each jar of its premium coconut oil has an actual signature by one of the proud workers." -Buzzfeed

Better For Your Body

100% Raw & USDA Organic: USDA Certified Organic, Unrefined, 100% Raw, Non-hexane, Non-GMO, Chemical-free, no heat.

4x More Antioxidants: Milk and oil are separated with unique centrifuge technology. We don't heat it or add chemicals, so you can enjoy 4x more nutritional benefits in every scoop!

Fresh & Mild Taste: Don't ruin your meal with cheap coconut oil that overpowers your food! The natural flavor of a coconut is mild, so we made our coconut oil as nature intended: fresh and mild.

Caring for the Earth

Recyclable Packaging: Customers have the opportunity to decrease their single-use plastic and reuse or recycle our glass jars.

Organic Farming Practices: We have trained over 200 farmers in Certified Organic farming techniques AND planted 550 coconuts seedlings to prepare for the next generation.

Sustainable ManufacturingGo sustainable with us! We use the heat generated from our plant's air conditionings to produce ALL the heat we need in our production method.

Dignity Coconuts was recently awarded Mindful's Oil Product of the Year Award for high quality oil paired with ethical and sustainable practices.

Shop Award-Winning Raw Coconut Oil!

Dignity Coconuts wins Oil of the Year Award

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