Coconut Oil Samples

Work on our Philippines Community Transformation Site is complete except for electrical and plumbing hookups for our machinery lines.  AND the big containers with our heavy coconut shell powder line have shipped.  We pray for their safe delivery across the Pacific in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, we have received our first samples of Virgin coconut Oil (VCO).  Wow!!  Pure as clear water (which glass is water and which is VCO??) ... velvety smooth ... light taste with no aftertaste ... just wonderful.

So now it is off to the labs for testing for the FDA.  AND ...

We have just sent our first shipment delivered to UPS with tender care.

In Bicol we continue to see lives transformed, marriages healed, jobs created, and learning beginning.  And that's the point:  we have only just begun.  Thank you for your support!

Erik OlsonComment