What's Next?

After completing the baseline survey, we present our results to the community leaders.

We put the data in their hands and ask them to prioritize the needs. This helps us focus on a handful of issues, but more importantly, it gets the leaders engaged. It creates deeper partnership.

Now the work of change begins.

Many of the community needs are due to lack of education, external oppression, bad habits, miseducation and outdated information. Instead of canvasing a large population with materials or information, we jump into the trenches to personally connect with a manageable amount of people. We sit with them, listen to their struggles and together work on solutions.

Here's what it looks like. Our community volunteers gather a small group of neighbors together to form community groups. The groups talk about a community problem and dig deep to discover the root of the problem. We guide them to viable solutions while also receiving information and education from our trained volunteers. These groups help the community transform in a deeper way that is sure to stick longer and actually change lives throughout the area.

Erik OlsonComment