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The perfect combination of fatty acids, antioxidants, MCTs, & Vitamin E work together to nourish the body inside and out. These powerful micronutrients and antimicrobial agents are all naturally occuring in coconuts.


Take a coconut and all of its glory... turn it into coconut oil... to give you MAGIC OIL.
No, we aren’t being dramatic! Coconut oil is packed with nutritional benefits. For example, breastmilk is commonly referred to as “liquid gold” because of its high count of lauric acid and ability to fight pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Lauric Acid is only naturally occurring in breastmilk and coconuts, giving coconut oil (when made right) the same antibacterial and antiviral magic.

Sounds good right?

But some coconut oil companies are ripping you off!


Unfortunately, the rise in coconut popularity and demand for mass production has significantly decreased the quality of many coconut oils on the market. The texture is gritty, the coconut flavor overpowers your food, and most of the benefits have burned off. Even cold pressed lacks the micronutrients, compared to raw organic virgin coconut oil.


We searched for a way to make a more pure coconut oil that contains all the natural benefits without burning the coconut. At Dignity Coconuts, we believe so much in the natural benefits and natural flavor of the coconut that we wanted to keep our oil as close to its original state as possible.

Raw, 100% Organic, Pure, Mild taste, & Sustainable!


More Benefits In Every Scoop
100% Raw & USDA Organic: USDA Certified Organic, Unrefined, 100% Raw, Non-hexane, Non-GMO, Chemical-free, no heat, no moldy coconuts.
Centrifuge Extracted: Milk and oil are seperated with a centrifuge machine, spun with a g-force. Never heated or treated with chemicals. Always crafted below 118F to retain micronutrients. This gives you 4x more nutritional benefits in every scoop.
Neutral Taste: Our process gives us a neutral and mild coconut flavor so it won't overpower your food (or taste buds).
Antibacterial: Studies found that coconut oil can act like a natural antibacterial, best used for skin issues like eczema or staph infections or in the mouth, like oil pulling.
Powerful Antioxidants: Our coconut oil has 4x more antioxidants than cold pressed!*
Lauric Acid: Lauric Acid is a special asset in coconut oil. It only naturally occurs in two things: Breastmilk and Coconuts. It contains powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties, helping fight infections like the flu or common cold. Dignity Coconuts preserves between 49.75%-50% of the original lauric acid!
MCT: Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are the "good fats" that make up the oil component of a coconut. MCTs are easy to digest and absorb, making them readily available for energy. Dignity Coconuts preserves 62% of its original MCTs.
Vitamin E: 
Not only are there benefits to eating coconut oil, but your skin will benefit too. The combination of fatty acids, antioxidants, MCTs, & Vitamin E work together to calm red, itchy, and rashy skin. We have many success stories treating ezcema, especially on babies and kids!
Bottled at the Source: Organic coconuts harvested from our backyard are cracked open and poured into jars in 24 hours for ultimate freshness.

Fights Cycles of Poverty and Coconut Slavery
Set People Free: We go beyond fair trade by creating jobs, education, clean water, and direct trade with farmers to fight modern-day slavery and trafficking.
Direct Trade: The coconut industry was built on slavery. Direct trade cuts out the middleman to give local farmers a fair wage and price. Reversing the cycles of poverty and slavery for generations.
Each Jar Is Signed: ​​Each 15oz. jar is signed by the person who bottled it. Read their stories of transformation!

Sustainably Crafted at Every Step
Recyclable Jar: Our coconut oil comes in glass jars and we encourage consumers to reuse or recycle the jars.
No Coconut Waste: We extract the oil & water, use the shell to make renewable plastics, transform the husk fibers into erosion-control blankets, and utilize the peat to give new life to stale soil.
Organic Farming Practices: We have trained over 200 farmers in Certified Organic farming techniques AND planted 550 coconuts seedlings to prepare for the next generation.
Sustainable Manufacturing: We use the heat generated from our plant's air conditionings to produce ALL the heat we need in our production method. Now that's sustainability!

*Why is 4x the antioxidants a big deal? Antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals and can aid in disease prevention. In recent research, Dignity Coconuts Raw Coconut Oil found a value of 4,377 μ mol TE/100g antioxidants, while most coconut oils record a value of 1,070 μ mol TE/100g.

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