December 06, 2022

Discover 8 life-changing benefits to dry brushing, a personal tutorial, and how you can snag a synthetic-free and ethically-made dry brush for 20% OFF until Christmas!

What really wakes you up in the morning? Is it a morning stretch.. shower.. cup of coffee?

We have discovered dry brushing, prior to a morning shower, makes us feel ALIVE! 

Our friends also say they feel invigorated and energized 🚗💨

So, what is dry brushing?

Not only does brushing on dry skin act as a natural exfoliant, but it increases circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a network of delicate tubes that drains leaked fluid via your lymph nodes back into your bloodstream. This is your body's natural pathway to clean up inflammation and infection. When it's stimulated and massaged, it pumps your blood🩸 and can help detox toxins 🦠 more efficiently.

Think about it this way…

If your bladder is fulll, you aren't able to process waste and infection can build up. You can't fill up a glass that's already full! The same thing happens to your lymph glands. If they become too full, especially from inflammation build up, your body does not flush out toxins properly.

Regular dry brushing simply decreases inflammation, drains waste, sends new blood cells to the skin and tissue, and promotes healing.

It's like a juice cleanse for your skin!

Plus, starting your day with glowing skin is a bonus 💫

Check out this personal tutorial:

8 Life-Changing Benefits to Dry Brushing:

  1. Natural exfoliant *without stripping the skin of its natural moisture
  2. Stimulates cell production
  3. Enhances skin detoxification *through the stimulation in the lymphatic system, increasing in blood flow and blood circulation to the skin
  4. Stress relief
  5. Reduces the common skin irritation of Keratosis pilaris
  6. Reduces or Smooths Cellulite
  7. Unclogs pores 
  8. Fights Ingrown Hairs

How-To Dry Brush with Dignity Coconuts:

Important note before we get started: The lymphatic system only moves one way--UP! So we always recommend dry brushing in an UPWARD motion. We found it works best to use light, small strokes towards your glands, towards your heart, and towards your neck. Light pressure is all your lymphatic system needs!

  1. Arms: Start by locating your lymph nodes, which are in your armpit. These are called your axillary nodes. Lightly brush in a circular motion to stimulate the lymphatic system. Then, brush from the wrist UP to your armpit, and again, massage those axillary nodes.
  2. Legs: Repeat a similar brushing style on the legs. Start at the top of your thighs, where your inguinal nodes are located. Massage in a circular motion. Then, brush from the ankles UP to the top of your inner thighs (groin area).
  3. Stomach: Brush in a clockwise pattern to mimic the pathway of your digestion system. You may find it better for your skin to brush even lighter here--to avoid harsh exfoliation!
  4. Heart and Chest: Hold the brush in your right hand and reach your arm across to press against your heart. With small, light strokes, brush your chest, starting at the top of your left breast and moving up to your collar bone. Continue this all the way across your chest.
  5. Neck: Start by massaging your lymph nodes, located at the base of your neck, just on the other side of your collar bone. After massaging, light brush up your neck to your chin.
  6. SHOWER! Rinse away dead skin cells and impurities, while also allowing your pores to release toxins.
  7. Moisturize: After your shower, grab your jar of Dignity Coconuts 100% Organic, Raw Coconut Oil. Apply from head to toe to lock in moisture and feed your skin vital nutrients and watch that skin glow!

Dedicate a few minutes before your shower to dry brush and begin to feel those wonderful benefits! Once your skin adapts, you can increase your dry brushing time.

The BAD News?

Unfortunately, nearly all dry brushes out there either hurt the planet or have harsh working conditions for the people making them.


The GOOD News?

After testing LOTS of brushes, we found a synthetic-free AND ethically-made dry brush - Now offered with our exclusive holiday Beauty Guru bundle for 20% off!

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