June 16, 2024

This Father’s Day, we are celebrating the Dignity dads who show what it means to live a life of love and sacrifice. 

In the Philippines, there are constant factors that threaten to break families apart. From natural disasters, lack of work, substance abuse, and sickness it was found that 1 in 3 children grow up without both parents. Dignity brings families back together by providing a safe work environment and job security. These fathers live out the mission of Dignity by caring for their families and doing whatever it takes to create a better life. 

Clint, Gerone, Jayson, Junel, and Ernan desire to put food on the table, a roof over their head, send their children to school, and spend time with their families. Without a stable job, these basic needs and wants become far-fetched dreams. These 5 lives are connected by a common thread: Dignity became part of their “village”, allowing these fathers to invest in their families and communities.



Clint is a proud father who loves his wife and children. After a challenging time living and working in the city, Clint learned that he did not need to sacrifice being near family to provide for them.  He thought the big city was the only solution for secure employment. But then, a family medical emergency struck and he had to return home. He felt terrible that he was not there when his family needed him.

It was then that he decided it was time to find work closer to home. The high cost of living in the city, job insecurity, and being far from family were not the solution. Clint found Dignity and applied to get a fresh start. He was able to continue supporting his family rather than paying extra for city rent and transportation. 

Clint shares, In Dignity, your coworkers genuinely help each other; it's a great aspect. It's not like other jobs where you're left on your own.” He found a strong and supportive community with his coworkers and was able to be a part of his family’s day-to-day life.



When Gerone was a child, his parents' relationship fell apart and left him to suffer the consequences. Gerone felt alone and confused as he tried to navigate life. With a challenging home environment, Gerone grew up as a rebellious child and made choices he is not proud of. As he became a parent, Gerone vowed to raise his children in a stable environment. With two young daughters, and one who has battled extreme sickness, Gerone shared “I’m more focused on them, and I want them to achieve what I couldn’t.” He provides for his family in any way that he can.

When Gerone heard about Dignity he was captivated by the work environment, saying “I want to gain the experience they talk about inside, how joyful it is in Dignity. It motivated me to enter.” Doing this work has helped him to continue growing into the father, husband, friend and worker he wanted to be. He reflected that he knows himself better now than he used to and continues to grow day by day, working to give his children a better life. Gerone has a big smile as he shares how he found a sense of happiness and purpose that has transformed him and his family. 



Jayson’s parents didn’t have enough money to put food on the table so at a young age he and his siblings were separated. Jayson wanted to do everything in his power to bring stability for his family. Now, with his wife and daughter, Jayson works hard to pay for his daughter's education and save for the future, while still providing basic needs. He knows that each day is a gift, especially after almost losing both his wife and daughter in childbirth. 

Jayson’s previous job had irregular hours, unpredictable paydays, but the worst part was he had to live far away from home. With 70% unemployment near his home, he thought the best he could do was work far away and send money home. However, one day he found Dignity. He got a job processing the coconut husks and was able to return home. Plus, working for Dignity brought him a strong work community and stability. “Every week I have a regular financial contribution for my family, because my job before, when I wasn't here, was just a sideline. . . Now, it’s steady.” 



With a large family, Junel had to work tirelessly before and after school just to make ends meet. He explains, “life in the province is really challenging.” When two of his siblings, twins, passed away the family was crushed with sadness. As soon as he graduated, Junel saw no option but to face the challenges of the big city of Manila to search for a better life.

As time passed and Junel had a wife and children of his own, he knew he could not waste away his life in a distant city, working day and night with no end. The final sign to return home was when he received a call from his wife that his daughter was in the hospital. Junel felt horrible that he was not home, and the family could not afford the high medical bills that followed. 

As Junel returned home, he found a job at Dignity to support them. His family’s daily needs are now met and he dreams of his children finishing their education. Junel was filled with hope at his new job. A way forward seemed possible, and he did not have to sacrifice being close to family any longer. 



Ernan made his living by being a bus driver for 14 years with long and demanding hours on the road. He felt isolated throughout the day and missed being able to spend time with his family, but thought it was the only option due to his limited education. 

However, during the pandemic, work slowed down and he was desperate to find more work. He had heard of Dignity because it was close to home and decided to apply. Ernan needed the money for school fees, food, and housing so he was thankful to get the job 3 days later. He was even more thankful to have a steady job when his son was hospitalized with appendicitis. The procedure cost more money than Ernan could imagine, but he knew he would pay any cost for his child to get better. Having a job helped him to start paying the medical bills. 

Ernan shares, “My dream is for my children to be able to finish their studies so they won’t experience the hardships I did.” He works to be able to send his children to school and shows them what life can look like. Now that he has found a role at Dignity, he is not anxious anymore about putting food on the table. Their daily expenses are covered and Ernan has found a sense of purpose and community.

Every one of these dads has faced extreme hardship on their journeys but have persevered and sacrificed to support their families. Your purchases help bring families together to give fathers dignity and pave the way to a better future. Thank you!

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