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March 07, 2023

For International Women's Day, we're shouting out some of our favorite social impact businesses that empower women! Businesses that empower women focus on bringing women out of high-risk situations like trafficking or poverty, encouraging women to be in positions of leadership, providing women with business trainings, and providing educational opportunities.

Able Clothing

What they sell: apparel, jewelry, shoes, and leather goods
How they empower women: Able provides ultra transparency at the wages and benefits they pay their employees and are only work with vendors who match their commitment to empower women through wages, benefits, safety, and equality.

Dignity Coconuts

Dignity women smiling together

What they sell: 100% Raw and Organic coconut oil, Vegan lip balms, clean beauty kits
How they empower women: Not only does Dignity Coconuts empower women by giving them a safe & meaningful job to prevent them from being trafficked, but Dignity also provides skills training on finances, baking, raising children and providing educational opportunities to ensure they’re equipped for success outside of work. 

Malia Designs

What they sell: bags, wallets, and accessories

How they impact women: Since the very beginning, Malia Designs mission has been to provide a sustainable source of income to their artisan partners—lessening their vulnerability and enabling them to break the cycle of poverty. Malia Designs’ products are made by fair trade producer groups that employ underprivileged people in Cambodia – primarily at-risk women and the disabled. They offer high-quality, fashion-forward accessories that pair lively designs with contemporary styling using materials sourced locally in Cambodia.

Tahmina Tea

What they sell: high quality saffron teas

How they empower women: Tahmina Tea is bringing economic stability to war zones in Afghanistan. Since 80% of the jobs involved in the saffron production process involve women, Tahmina Tea focuses on creating economic opportunities for a country where only 19% of its female population participates in the work force.


What they sell: a healthier sugar alternative- date sugar!

How they empower women: Over 80% of PurDate's employees are women. These women are highly knowledgeable about dates and are further trained and equipped to move into leadership and other roles, opening opportunities for them to succeed. In a sector where most of the workforce is seasonal, working for minimum wage and without benefits, we ensure the employees producing our product are paid above minimum wage, with long term year-round contracts and healthcare and retirement benefits.

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