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September 29, 2020


Modern-day slavery is a 43 billion dollar industry and growing, with millions of women and children being treated like property. One-third of the world lives on less than $2/day, driving them to despair, desperation and hopelessness. The heavy weight of these chains of poverty and slavery are too much to bear.

We want to bring a hope that will rise up and give communities the strength to lift the despair and break the cycles that have existed for generations. This kind of hope changes things. This kind of hope brings dignity. We believe that employment and community development can bring this kind of hope. When we employ a person, we unearth the innate dignity inside of them. Hope rises to the top. Despair lifts. Entire communities change.

Because we believe that location matters, we are set on going to the hard places, the places without hope. They are often overlooked. Logistically difficult. Poor. Undereducated. Trapped in cycles that take their dignity. We know it will be harder and take more work, yet we believe it is worth it. They matter.

We want this hope to be lasting. We are not bringing handouts. We are not breezing through. This is not a short-term solution.

We want this hope to be theirs. That's why we will ask first. We will help the community change itself in positive ways that it can sustain. There is no cookie cutter community development plan that works perfectly in every location. We don't have all the answers. We want to partner together to find them. Another way we are brokering hope.

We want this hope to spread. We are establishing an atmosphere where dignity and hope seep through the pores of each person. And it's not going to stop here. It will spread. We look forward to the days when we cannot contain it, when we cannot count how many hope brokers we have. 


New Roads were built to our production plant. We gained favor with the government. They see the benefit of our presence. In turn, those roads help the people of Bicol.

Businesses are drawn to our location. Accessibility brings commerce and more jobs. It's contagious.

Families are reuniting. Parents are coming back to their hometowns for jobs instead of leaving to find work in bigger cities.

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