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September 18, 2020


Every person you lock eyes with has dignity in them. When your gaze meets theirs, can you see it? If you look hard enough or long enough, you will be able to see the beauty that is dignity in a person.

For some people, the cycles of poverty and slavery in this world have buried that dignity. Past experiences have told them to camouflage and guard the part of their inner being that knows they are worth it. They matter. They are not less. Others who have claimed power over them have stripped away their God-given dignity. When a person believes the lie that they are powerless and insignificant, the cycles of poverty and slavery will be allowed to continue. We are determined to break those chains. And it starts with each person having the self-respect and belief that they are capable and worth it.


Our business employs locals. Many locals. Each employee represents a family. If we are employing over 100 people and sourcing coconuts from 150 farmers at each plant, then we are affecting the lives of over 1,000 people in that community. In communities with high unemployment rates, that can transform everything.


There certainly are times and places for handouts. Handouts are not bad, but they can take away somethings from a person as they give something else. A handout provides temporary relief, but there is a bigger problem looming. A handout can create unhealthy dependency. A handout can take away a person's dignity. Giving someone a job says, "You are worth the time and effort to train and empower. You are capable. You can provide for your loved ones. You matter."

Handouts don't bring hope for the future.


We believe that people are more important than profits. We will produce the best products on the market using the best methods possible. We will sustain our business through profits. We will be profitable for the sake of the community - in order to stay there. To be out there. To support jobs. To break chains of poverty and slavery.

Our name is not a cute marketing tool. It's who we are. We bring jobs. We believe in people. We restore dignity.

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