June 08, 2023

Why would a new couple want coconut oil?

Wedding season is in full swing & here are 3 reasons to add Dignity's 4oz. jar of Raw Coconut Oil to the newlyweds gift basket 💚

1. Clean Lube

Most lubricant options are filled with chemicals. Your most sensitive areas of the body deserve a clean, safe product.

Raw Coconut Oil is 100% Organic and recommended as a natural, clean lube.

Hear from experts on best practices for safe sex and swapping lube for coconut oil in this 2 min video!

Coconut oil as a clean lube 

2. Couples Massages

Help the newlyweds de-stress with a clean massage oil. Coconut oil is used and highly recommended by many professional massage therapists.

Scoop out 1 teaspoon, rub between your palms, and lather up. For a sweet scent, add a drop of essential oils.


3. Decrease Snoring

Studies show that couples who snore have a higher divorce rate. Don't be part of that stat! Because coconut oil is a lubricant, it works great to keep air flowing through your nose.

Just dab some coconut oil in your nostrils at night to give you and your partner better sleep!



Need some gift ideas for all the weddings you'll be attending this summer? Dignity Coconuts 4oz. jar fits perfectly on the bedside table!


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