October 17, 2023

Dignity Makes a Positive Impact by Investing in 250+ Teens!

Every year Dignity accepts students from Bustamante High School in the Philippines for an immersion project. 

Seniors in High School are required by the Department of Education to complete a minimum of 80 hours of practical work in relation to their chosen track. Since Dignity is the only business in the area, the school asks us to receive the students for work immersion.

Filipina teen farming

Organic Farming & Sustainable Agriculture is the Future

Over the course of 10 days, Dignity employees train 4 groups of students (with 82 students in each group!) in sustainable farming practices.

Students learned how to:

  • Clear land and set up proper fencing
  • Use carbonized rice hulls to create high-quality organic fertilizer
  • Use leftover coconut husks as a structural support
  • Create composts to eliminate food waste
  • Set up plant propagations

Meet Bea, Future Farmer and Daughter of Dignity Employee

Bea water plants at the Farmer's Training

Bea (18) is of the students who was trained during the immersion program.

Her mother works as a production worker at Dignity while her father tends their rice field and piggery.

Bea says that farming has been very beneficial for her family. Some of the crops that they harvest include rice, eggplant, monggo (mung bean), and okra.

“Farming is very important. It’s everything- from supplying the food that we eat to being an additional source of income. It benefits not only us, but also those around us."

Bea says she is thankful for the opportunity Dignity gave her to put her knowledge to practical use! She is determined to go to college (a rare opportunity in this rural area) where she hopes to study Agribusiness as her major.

Thank you for training the next generation of farmers in the Philippines! Your purchases make a long-lasting impact on a vulnerable community.


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