March 13, 2019

“My skin is SCREAMING for relief! Help!”

Can anybody else relate to this?

There’s no doubt about it. Winter is ROUGH on the skin. And sometimes we don’t even realize how bad our skin has become - as we continue to bundle up and throw on another layer, prolonging the inevitable treatment and love that our skin needs.

The reality is.. spring + warmer months are just around the corner!
And before we know it, we’ll be leaving the house with a little ankle exposed and shedding a few layers (maybe you’ll even leave the gloves at home this week!) But there is a decent amount of recovery that will need to happen before our skin is spring break ready.

Let’s start prepping now!

“The skin is the largest organ of the human body.
Working hard to fight illness and disease from the outside world,
and a direct passage to our bloodstream.”


Photo credit:    Missi Calvert

Photo credit: Missi Calvert

#1 “You Are What You Eat” - It’s true, hydration starts inside our bodies. We've all heard the mantra that we should drink eight glasses of water a day. But drowning yourself in water won't save your skin - because you're actually purging vital minerals from your body, according to Howard Murad, MD, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine. Dr. Murad, advocates getting hydration from RAW fruits and vegetables. Research shows that eating raw forms of avocados, coconuts, mangos, spinach, broccoli & pomegranates will give our bodies rich vitamins, easily absorbed by the skin.

Photo credit:    Missi Calvert

Photo credit: Missi Calvert

#2 Lather AFTER Exfoliating! You may feel dry right now (like really dry!) So exfoliating may sound counterintuitive, but a gentle exfoliation routine is crucial to maintain healthy and even radiant looking skin. Exfoliating dead skin cells helps speed up the repairing process and can promote the growth of youthful skin. To give life and hydration to these new skin cells, cover your body in our RAW Coconut Oil. Our unique raw method is made to retain all of its original micronutrients and moisture, unlike other coconut oils that overheat or dry out most of the original moisture from the coconut. This raw process gives it a smooth texture (making it easy to apply). No more gritty coconut oil!
Give yourself 20 min before getting dressed and your skin will happily soak up that oil!
*For extra soft skin, try using it in replace of your “shaving cream." The RAW Coconut Oil will not only provide moisture to those pores, but it also holds antibacterial properties which will help decrease inflammation/redness and eliminate razor burn.
Homemade Natural Moisturizer Recipe

#3 Coconut Hair Mask Have you tried a coconut hair mask? What does this mean? Since most ingredients in hair products strip natural oils from your scalp, these layer of skin actually forgets to produce oil. Adding coconut oil to your hair roots balances the oil production in your scalp and strengthens your hair. Coconuts are an important ingredient in this form of treatment because they are made up of micro-organisms that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that can help anyone suffering from eczema, dry/itchy scalp, or desire to grow thicker and healthier hair.
Since everybody’s hair is different and will need different treatment, we’ve included simple instructions for each hair type here >> This process may sound like a daunting and messy endeavor, but with these simple steps, you can discover incredible benefits and relief in no time!

Photo credit:    Missi Calvert

Photo credit: Missi Calvert

Final Tips + Tricks for Radiant Skin!
If topical remedies are not doing it for your skin, maybe it’s time to take a look on what’s going on inside.
“The skin paints a picture of what’s happening inside our bodies”
Whether it’s dryness, acne, breakouts, a rash, oily skin etc - there is always a root cause! Here are some natural remedies to detox your body and revive that inner glow:
- Take care of your gut! Learn more
- Focus on consuming food or supplements that are categorized as '“good bacteria” (ie probiotics, flora supplements, acv)
- As you add good bacteria, you’ll also want to eliminate or “starve” the bad bacteria. One excellent method is Oil Pulling with our RAW Coconut Oil (did you know you that there are hundreds of thousands toxic microorganisms living in your mouth!!)
- Switch to natural deodorant (your lymph nodes will thank you!)

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