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December 13, 2019


Your seemingly innocent lip balm likely has chemicals that are harming your body. Even the “natural” brands are using chemicals in their lip balm manufacturing. So pull out your lip balm and check. Your lips will thank you!

Common Toxic ingredients in your Lip balm:


(Propylparaben Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben, and other ingredients ending in –paraben)
Parabens are potential endocrine disruptors (aka hormone disruptors) due to their ability to mimic estrogen. This effect is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and malignant melanoma – a form of skin cancer. In men, they appear to reduce sperm production and reduced testosterone levels. An estimated 75-90% of body care products contain parabens.


Can we all agree that something this close to gasoline is not what we want on our lips?! It’s most commonly heard around auto shops, but companies found if you refine it down, it can be a good compound for beauty products. Unfortunately, the refining process is harsh and toxic agents can easily be found in your products. For example, if the petroleum jelly becomes contaminated during the manufacturing process, possible Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, which have links to breast cancer, and other carcinogenic agents may get into the jelly.

Another major concern with petrolatum used in skin products is that it creates an airtight barrier on the skin -- aka you are suffocating your skin!! This also creates a breeding ground for bacteria and more toxic compounds.

Phenol, Menthol & Salicylic acid

Do your lips actually feel more chapped the more you apply? Dr. Piliang says, “Lip balms that contain ingredients like phenol, menthol, and salicylic acid make the lips drier. Sometimes these cause a tingling feeling when you apply them. They either cause irritation or literally remove the outer layers of the skin. It was first included in lip balm formulas because it exfoliates. But exfoliation with chemicals is not the solution. You have less protection and more susceptible to environmental factors, which lead to you actually applying more of the product. Avoid lip balms containing those ingredients!”

Fragrances + Eczema

Did you know that the leading cause of eczema and other skin diseases is "added fragrances" Over the last 7 years, scientists and doctors have discovered the severity fragrances can have on our bodies. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it's important to take care of! Not send into shock. The next time you read "fragrances" as an ingredient on any hair, skin, face product -- and lip balm! -- you are actually reading "lot of hidden chemicals"

Propylene Glycol

At toxic levels, it can cause seizures. Kids' bodies cannot effectively break this down, so it should be avoided by pregnant women and children under 6.


Actually dries out your skin. Seems counterproductive, don't you think?

Anything you put on your lips ends up in your mouth or gets absorbed by the skin.

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t use it.

We've gone back to basics for you - a few simple ingredients. And only the best of each.

Dignity’s All Natural Ingredients:

  • RAW Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - protects lips and keeps them smooth. Lauric Acid aids the healing process for chapped lips. Our coconut oil is one of the few that is RAW (no, cold-pressed is not the same as raw) so none of the benefits are lost in the process.

  • Unrefined Cocoa Butter - protective barrier by supplying and retaining moisture. Cocoa butter also contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, which can help slow the signs of aging. We use unrefined cocoa butter because we understand how much of the benefits are lost in the refining process.

  • Candelilla Wax - a plant-based wax we use instead of chemicals to keep the lip balm from melting.

  • Vitamin E - boosts circulation and may help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer

  • Essential Oils - our flavors use quality essential oils to give you a hint of variety and fun.

See Lip Balm Flavors

Try our NEW recipe. Smoother and vegan!


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